Privacy and Policy

Privacy and Policy:

The continuously works to maintain the privacy of your information. We understand that the rapid growth of the internet and online services motivate questions regarding the nature and confidentiality of information collected about users. Therefore, we want to clarify some points of interest through this instrument, reaffirming our commitment to privacy. is a private portal with no ties to any other institution, be it public or private, that offers its users tools of communication between themselves and publication of their own ideas, making the portal exempt from any content publishedin it, because it is only a vehicle of publication, not editing. Therefore, any problem relating to any publication, whether of a personal or business nature, right of reply, autorights or any other claims should be directed to the user responsible for the publication, since it has accepted ALL the Terms of Our Policy and Responsibilities.

Oil for use

By accessing the SITE the USER is expressly agreeing to the terms set out on this page. If there is a finding of non-compliance with the terms provided for,, in its sole discretion, may temporarily or permanently suspend access to the site, without prejudice to other appropriate measures to determine the end of the improper practice and/or seek redress for its consequences.

In view of the dynamism of relations on the Internet, the USER accepts that this Privacy Policy can be modified by at any time, as well as the facilities regulated by it, regardless of prior notification to the USER, and it is convenient that the USER consults it periodically, to keep up to date on the subject.

Information Collection

Normally, you can visit us on the internet without sending us any kind of data. However, may eventually collect information when, for example, you request a particular service, respond to a survey, or send us any data - which will not be passed on to third parties in respect of the confidentiality of the information, except under force of law or in order to protect's property rights. may also use "cookies" (user computer data files) or other similar technologies to obtain information about your visit to our SITE, in order to obtain tool reports that tell us which parts of our SITE arouse your most interest or action. However, although cookies help to improve the experience of visiting our SITE, there is the option to block them in the configuration options of your browser or not accept by the option offered on the login page.

Access passwords

When the USER receives a login or password to access any function of the SITE, only the user will have access to your information. The security of your password is critical to the protection of your data. Any breach or access to this information is the responsibility of each user, so that they keep an anti-virus installed and updated on their equipment used to access our services. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the USER to protect the login and password so that access is not done by unauthorized people.


We currently use encryption techniques, firewalls, and other security-related technologies and procedures to protect the consistency and security of your information and prevent unauthorized access or misuse.

To maintain the integrity of your data, complies with strict safety standards and will make its best efforts to ensure the reliability, availability and quality of information transmitted through the SITE, in order to provide timeliness and accuracy of such data. However, the is not able to control in advance the absence of viruses in the contents of the SITE, nor the absence of other elements that may produce changes in the user's computer equipment. Therefore, the disparts from any liability for damages of any nature arising from such fact.


For protection before the law and observing the responsibilities of opening the Internet to the general public, we are careful to accept willingly that the people who register on this portal, claim, under penalty of the law, that they are 18 years or older and respect the following restrictions of content published on that portal. Publications that are similar to the items listed below are intermittently forbid:

  • - Apology or content that referred to paedophilia;
  • - Make any apology to illicit drugs;
  • - Make any apology to violence;
  • - Material linked to or exposed to nudity and/or pornography.

The user who inflings any of the standards of this document in a primary manner will have the material deleted and the user will join a list of people who have inflated the standards. If you are caught again inflinaftero the rules, you will have your registration canceled permanently.


For questions regarding this Privacy Policy, wewill be happy to respond to your comments. Please contact us at the email "".