We tried, in this tutorial, to make our goal as simple as possible, which is to enlighten you about all the features of our portal. However, if you haven't found what you're looking for or have any questions regarding any of the subjects exposed here, please send your question through the contact form, and we'll be happy to help.

By accessing you will be directed to the login page, where you will be able to access your page or create an account , if you have not yet registered. So let's go to the explanations of each module of the portal:

Login / Create an Account:


The credentials to access your page and your data are the email and the password that you registered when creating your account. These credentials can be changed by you on your Profile page. The login page features two forms: Login and Create Account (which you'll see shortly after), plus a specific menu. The menu has the following items:


- Help: this page;
- Policy: page containing all Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;
- Feedback: page with a form for you to contact our team;
- Invite: this is a way for you to invite people from your WhatsApp to register your pet and follow you and your pet.
The login form presents, in addition to the email and password, an option for you to authorize to save your credentials in cookies to make it easier your future accesses. If you check this option when logging in, the system will automatically check you in when you enter the address It also features a link to request a reminder if you forgot your password.


To Create an Account use the form below the login form which, in addition to being very simple, gives you all the necessary security regarding your data . No documents are requested. Only basic information to identify your pet's profile, in addition to access credentials data. To complete the registration of your pet, you will need to access the Profile page where you can add all the data, including the profile photo and the page panel of your pet.

Some observations are important to you, such as:
- Names: try to be very stylish when typing both the pet's name and yours too. Instead of typing everything in lower case or capital letters, it is much more elegant to type only the first letters with capital letters (example: "Francisco José da Silva" instead of "francisco jose da silva" or "FRANCISCO JOSE DA SILVA");
- Password: the system differentiates lowercase, uppercase, cedilla and accents. So, "Assumption", "Assumption", "Assumption" and "ASSUTION" are seen as four completely different pieces of information when, for example, searching the database.



After you have your login credentials verified when you login, you will be redirected to your Main page. This page presents the current status, plus some services offered for free through our portal, such as the control of Vaccination, Orphanage and list animals of the same breed for a possible crossing. Notifications and Messages will also be the cause of notices on this page, in addition to being printed in the general menu. Two items are always the first to appear on this page: "What Are You Thinking?" is the link for you to post the news on your timeline. "My Publications" is the page that shows your posts and the actions related to each post, such as who Liked, Loved, Commented or Shared< /strong> your post. This page and all the others present a general menu based on the status of your data, that is, if there are notifications, if someone sent a message, etc. See the complete general menu below:


The menu will be set up according to the backlog situation in your data. If there are Notifications, the Notification item will appear in the menu. If there is any Message waiting for your reply, the Message item will appear in the menu. However, Home, Profile, Search and the Community button will always be present. What are each menu item and other links on the main page, we will see next.

What are you thinking?


The publication page is, without a doubt, the most important module of the portal, as it is through it that you will feed the pet's timeline through publications in the form of texts only, texts with a captured image from the computer or cell phone camera (self), texts with an image taken from a folder on the computer or mobile phone, texts with a video taken from a folder on the computer or mobile phone or text with a YouTube video (URL or YouTube video link).



The Timeline is the page where all the Publications of the pet are shown. It is this page that will be shown to everyone who visits. So when you do a Search or someone who belongs to your Community click on the button >View You will be redirected to this page where you can see your posts and take action on each of them like Like, Love, Comment or Share in Her Timeline .



The Messages service allows you to correspond with a friend via text messages, images or audio recorded by you directly into your computer or cell phone microphone. All dialogue between you and a certain friend will remain stored in your database for indefinite until you or the other part of the dialog < em>End the conversation, ending the dialogue deleting ALL Messages of this Dialogue. When you are notified that there are Message(s) open and click to view, the system will list all Senders and a button to open the conversation. If you access the Messages module directly from the friend page, you will go directly to the Chat page, as shown in the figure below.


This page shows the last messages sent by the parties in the conversation, a field to type the message with two buttons: Microphone and Picture< /em>. If you want to send a text-only message, just type the message and click the Send Message button. If you'd like to send a voice message, just click the microphone, record the message, and when you're done, click the Stop button. If you want to include an image in the message, just click on the image button and select the desired image on your computer or cell phone. You can optionally include text along with the voice message or image.



The Search system allows you to scan the database looking for someone registered with your pet. It has two search methods: Specific and Filtered search. In Specific, the system searches for the Tutor's name according to what you type in the search box, similar to the search that you know very well from Google.


The Filtered search offers options to select records. These are Preferences options regarding the data of the pet you intend to invite to your Community and the Location option strong> which allows you to see only records of pets from your city or further filtered by the Neighborhood.

In both forms of search, the result is the same. The relationship of the corresponding records with the Pet Photo and the Tutor Name, plus the button to visit the Timeline of the pet. If you click on Tutor Name, a small window opens with the pet's main data.



My Community lists everyone in My Network with the View Button< /strong> to the right of the name. Clicking this button will redirect you to your contact's Timeline. As you are a Visitor, all menu items will be inactive, except for the Home item . And, at the top of the page, two buttons will be presented: Back, for you to return to the list of followers and the button Message for you to send a message or continue a dialogue.



The system offers you your pet's vaccination tracking service, helping you to remember the next Vaccines that should be given to the pet. This service will only work if you keep the up to date information regarding the last dosegiven.



Another service that our portal offers totally free is the Orphanage system where you can make available children for donating or selling. When registering a puppy in our orphanage, in addition to basic data such as breed and sex, you can also inform the objective and the price, if the objective is to sell. It also allows you to attach up to 3 (three) photos of the puppy. But if your reason for visiting the Orphanage is to look for a puppy to adopt or buy, just click on the Visit Nursery which is at the top of the registration form, to see the registered options.


When you visit the Nursery you have a selection options form of what you are looking for, such as the type of animal (dog, cat, etc.) and the breed, in addition to the preferred sex. Once these choices are made, the system will present you with the available animals with ALL the necessary information for you to contact the Tutor to set the conditions.

I want flirt:


Another service that our portal offers totally free is the option of, say, a more loving relationship between your pet and a partner or partner. When entering the page, the first option presented is for you to warn to guys that you are willing to call. By checking the Quero Namorar box and filling in the Proposal field, you will appear in the list of Romeos or Juliets when others of the opposite sex search for a sex. The system will first search for partners/partners in your city and neighborhood. If it doesn't find any results, it will do a search in city. Note that it is not interesting to show results from another city.




The Profile page is where you will Customize your pet's page. On this page you can change the Profile Picture and the Cover Panel that will style the page. Other information is important, in case you need to contact or help to be found when someone you search. In addition to the fact that to calculate the date of the next vaccine, the system needs the Date of Birth, even if it is approximate. We would like you to pay attention to the notes below to make it easier to update this data.

Taking actions before reaching this page:

Images: try to prepare the images with the following dimensions:
- Picture of Profile:
Type of file: .jpg ou .png
Dimensions: 160px wide by 160px high. However, if it is larger than recommended, it will be resized by the system, as long as it has a width equal to its height;
- Panel of Page:
Type of File: .jpg ou .png
Dimensions: 992px wide by 200px high. However, if it is larger than recommended, it will be resized by the system, as long as its width and height are proportional to the standard.
Access Credentials: System access data can be changed whenever you wish. Did you change email? No problem. Just inform the new email in the form field and it will be changed. However, to change the Password click on the Menu option for this purpose. Note that if you have chosen to use Cookies for automatic login, this option will be disabled if you change your Credentials.

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